Frequently asked Questions
  • How can I become a member?
  • home page by clicking on the new member in the upper right to fill out the membership form by filling out the membership form.

  • I cannot login to the site with my username and password?
  • First, make sure that you type your username and password correctly. Pay attention to the case of your username and password. You may not be able to log in because of the case of upper-lowercase letters.

  • I forgot my password! What should I do?
  • On the top page on the top "I forgot my password" You can send a password reset email to our registered email address by clicking on the link and then you can renew your password from this link.

  • Can I change my password? 
  • After logging in to the site with your old password, you will find the Change Password you can change your current password with a new one.

  • The bets I played won. How can I withdraw my money?
  • To withdraw the amount in your account, first contact the live support line and then fill out the form in the withdrawal section.
    Please take care to fill in the required fields in the withdrawal section correctly and completely.

  • K What is a Combined Betting?
  • More than one competition to take place in the single coupon bet combo. In order to make a combo bet, you must have at least 2 competitions on your voucher.

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